Whether you hail from Clinton Township or Sterling Heights, there's no denying that our new Ford vehicles are some of the best options out there for drivers who value longevity and durability. But even the most durable Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs require routine maintenance to stay in peak form. Fortunately, if you follow these simple guidelines for Ford service, you'll find it's both easy and affordable to keep your Ford feeling fresh and capable for years to come.

Top tips for routine Ford maintenance from our Macomb Service Department

  • Follow the Ford recommended service schedule to the letter!

    This one really should go without saying, but we can't stress it enough. Don't be one of those drivers who only takes their car in for service when something is seriously wrong, because that can end up costing you quite a bit both in terms of money and the longevity of your vehicle. Whether it's a routine tire rotation, a brake check, or just topping off fluids, if it's on the schedule, it's important! Luckily, when you do business with us here at Russ Milne Ford, we'll send you reminders from time to time when you're due for such scheduled service visits.

  • Oil changes early and often

    Oil is the lifeblood of your Ford vehicle's engine. It keeps sensitive components lubricated, transfers heat, and clears away debris and build up. However, with time and use, that oil will break down and become saturated and viscous. At first, you might no notice the effects of spent oil, but if left unchecked, it can adversely affect your car's fuel economy and even potentially damage your car's engine. So, if you're due for a Ford oil change, don't wait! Schedule an appointment with Russ Milne Ford today.

  • Only your trust in genuine Ford Motorcraft Parts

    Nowadays, you can find auto parts stores all over the greater Utica, Chesterfield, and Shelby Township areas, so that begs the question, "Why come to our certified Ford service center in Macomb for service and parts?" Well, for one thing, our genuine Ford Motorcraft parts are superior to the generic alternatives offered at most auto parts stores, and most come backed with a factory limited warranty to boot. So, whether it's tires, batteries, brake pads, or any other component your car needs, you can rest assured at our Macomb service center has the genuine OEM components you need at a competitive price.

Want to learn more about caring for your Ford car? Reach out to the team at Russ Milne Ford today.

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