Quality Ford Service and Repairs in Macomb, MI

You'll get more enjoyment out of your vehicle while driving and save money on expensive repairs with regular maintenance. Your friends at Russ Milne Ford are ready to help your Ford run at its optimal levels when you visit us for service.

Scheduling Ford Service with the Technicians at Our Macomb Service Center

We want to make it easier for you to schedule the services your Ford needs so you can receive consistently reliable performance from your vehicle while driving around Sterling Heights. Our online tool simplifies the booking process. Tell us your make and model, which services you need, and your preferred day and time. We handle services such as oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, and more. We'll do our best to get to work on your vehicle as soon as we can, using factory-tested techniques and OEM parts to ensure that your Ford leaves our service center in a much better condition. If you have questions about what services your vehicle needs and when to schedule them, your technician will be happy to help you.

Some of the Top Auto Services We Offer for Your Ford in Macomb


Alignments: If you accidentally hit a pothole or curb hard enough, it could cause your wheels to move out of alignment. Not only can this cause performance issues, like vibrating, pulling to one side or another, or strange noises, but it can also cause expensive damage to your tires by creating uneven wear patterns or increasing your fuel usage. If you notice signs your tires are out of alignment, you'll want to schedule service right away at our dealership near Clinton Township.

Battery Service

Battery Service: If your battery is getting older, it doesn't matter if it's a cold winter morning or a blazing summer afternoon. Both extremes have the potential to cause it to fail, leaving you stranded near Utica and needing a jump start. Our technicians can perform a strength test on your battery, so you know it'll be equal to the demands you place on it in any weather.

Brake Repair

Brake Care: Your brakes are one of your primary safety features, and ignoring their maintenance can present a hazard for you and your fellow drivers around Shelby Township. You can stay on top of brake maintenance by noticing any grinding or squealing noises and any drops in performance that indicate trouble. Most brake maintenance consists of brake pad changes and brake fluid flushes. You may also need rotor resurfacing from time to time, particularly if you go too long between brake pad changes.

Oil Changes

Oil Changes: You'll increase your fuel efficiency and extend your engine's lifespan by getting regular oil changes. If you have a Ford truck that takes conventional oil and that you're using for hauling, you may require more frequent oil changes than someone with a Ford sedan that takes synthetic oil and uses it for driving to work near Chesterfield. You may want to discuss your vehicle use with your technician to work out the optimal plan for oil changes for your vehicle.


Inspections: There's nothing like the peace of mind you get from a vehicle inspection, particularly if you get one before you're due to take a long road trip. Your technician looks for leaks, inspects damage to belts and other components, tops up low fluids, and looks at the state of your oil. Monitoring these things can help you avoid breaking down, so it's good to get an inspection at least once per year.

Tire Service

Tire Service: Twice yearly rotations and occasional pressure and tread checks will help you get the most out of your tires. You can also opt to change tire type to reflect the weather challenges you face in the winter and summer. Your technician can help you decide on the best tire type to match the kind of traction you need.